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First and foremost we are Colour Management Experts with over 35 + years practical experience from industry. We are competent in the consultancy of Laboratory Dyeing & Testing, Process Control, Process Engineering, Dye Machine and Dye Kitchen Automation, Mill & Wash House Consultancy, Colour Measurement and Visual Colour Assessment, Brand Colour Accreditation and Colour Assessment & Awareness Training.

We are based in Leicester (East Midlands) UK, the home of the UK Textile Industry. 

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We work very closely with VeriVide Limited as the Application Specialists for the exciting DigiEye product.

More information visit their website at www.verivide.com

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"We understand the Science behind every Amazing Image"

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Russell Thorpe

Managing Director & Business owner. Provides technical consultancy to brands and retailers. Having worked for a US brand  - Timberland Company  (Global Technical Manager for Colour & Environmental Compliance) and with over 35 years practical experience in Textile & Apparel Colour Management.

Russell is also a keen Photographer and HD Cinematographer, and has extensive knowledge of camera science, HDR exposure and of course, Colour.


Marks & Spencer C41 Colour Accreditation.

ISO Quality Auditor Training.

Projects & Consultancy 

We await further challenging projects, we love to help - we provide Total Solutions to real-world problems not just systems and pieces of equipment.

Please feel free to discuss your current colour issues with us.


We support brands and retailers to target less waste and reduce environmental impact associated with textile coloration and fabric finishing. We have considerable experience in Eco Dye (GOTS) process re-engineering - Please ask for further details.

We also provide consultancy & training for REACH compliance.